vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Cynic and labels

Often I caught myself making fun of things for no reason. Although I tell myself I have all the reason in the world to! Sadly this has an addicting taste to it, it’s easy to just kick against everything! On this occasions I fool myself into thinking I’m too cool to make an effort or to care.  Sadly this attitude also made me miss out on a lot of things. The reality was that I often missed out on a lot of great experiences due to not giving it a chance! Think about it, if you never build, but just destroy people will eventually get sick of you. This is why I try to give most (non criminal, extremist or twisted) people and activities a change rather than already sticking a permanent label on it/them.

The second part is about labeling, unconsciously we label everything. If we see a baby it’s sweet, but in reality it’s just a baby, we just interoperate the cuteness factor. We hear about war and we find it horrible, but if you’re a oppressed civilian you probably thank whatever/you/believe/in on your knees for the possibility of a revolution.  Did you know that some old native American tribes didn’t even had words for things like ‘’racism, war or torture’’ they just didn’t exist within their tribe culture! Sadly for them, they found out that not everyone shared their principle’s the hard way.

The more convinced of our own right, the more dangerous we are. We find ways to confirm our beliefs everywhere we go. We read the articles that agree with our view, we miss interoperate what we want to miss interoperate and so on. Another great example of this was shown recently when some heavy religious people where asked their opinion about the child molest scandals. Most of them responded with ‘’Yes, it’s horrible, this is so damaging for the church’’. They didn’t say they were sorry for the victims or that these priest should be punished. The only thing that was horrible, seemed to be the fact the priests got caught.

Of course these kind of people were quite extreme and I’m sure most people feel sympathy for the victims. The point I want to make however is to stay open minded and don’t make the mistake to be trapped by dogma which is living some one else his life. Keep developing your own beliefs and interests and don’t judge a book by its cover. 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah never judge by the cover. I find a way to ground yourself away from self is to do good by others less fortunate than yourself.

  2. People-watching has its benefits. Hilarity ensues. As long as you're not a jerk about it, who's the victim?

  3. I'm trying not to label people before listening them.